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The Bonneville laser lives up to its name: it is seriously fast and it is agile too. Built for the sheet metal, fabrication, and welding shop that wants high accuracy and speed at a reasonable cost.


We have created a complete matching package including the chiller, console, and a basic extra parts kit to make purchasing simple. Just choose your size, power, and training options and we would be glad to help with that.


Bonneville includes more high-strength aluminum construction above the deck and other mass reductions in design, special motor tuning for acceleration, and much more.


Our lasers are designed for speedy cutting of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or brass. Laser power is of course completely controllable giving a cutting range from 0.20 to 5/8 of an inch. Available in 1000W, 1500W,  2000W, and 3000 Watt.


Fiber lasers are more power-dense and far more efficient than the older argon or CO2 lasers, and safer as the laser is pumped down a fiber-optic cable right into the focus head - no complex mirror arrangements.

Bonneville view.jpg


  • Helical gear rack and pinion

  • Helical gearboxes, high precision with minimized backlash paired with Teknics Integrated 540 oz-in servo motors for high acceleration and deceleration

  • Computer OS, WinCNC, monitor, mouse and keyboard with console make this package easy to purchase and ready to run

  • Cooling unit controlled from operator’s console, high pressure air - nitrogen and oxygen valves and plumbing, all controlled from the post processor and screen

  • Built in dross chute and cart to remove debris, and fume extraction vent


Length: 120” (304.8 cm) 8ft bed or optional 144” (365.8 cm) 10ft bed


Width:  52” (132 cm) 4 ft bed or optional 60” (152.4 cm) 5 ft bed


Height: (Max) 67” (170.2 cm)


Electrical requirements: 220-240 Volt 40 Amp single phase 50 or 60 Hz

Electrical requirements: 220-240 Volt

40 Amp single phase 50 or 60 Hz (can also be installed in a 3 phase location)


Length: 97” (244.0cm) or optional 122” (310 cm)


Width:  48" (122 cm) or optional 60” (157.5 cm)


Height: under-gantry clearance 5” (12.7 cm) all models


Cuts steel, bare galvanized or painted and stainless steel up to 5/8 inch


High speed and high accuracy


Machine with complete operator's console, monitor, keyboard, mouse.


Rackmount computer, Windows 10, and operating software configured and ready to run.


13-month warranty on all parts and workmanship.


Non-expiring technical support, you call - we help.



540 oz-in Servo motors


MaxPhotonics Fiber laser up to 4000 watts


RayTools BM series focusing head


Dedicated computer, operating system, screen interface and console

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