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Heavy-duty wood, aluminum, plastic, composite CNC routers

The Daytona Pro is our largest professional carving table. Very robust, rigid and fast, the Daytona Pro is a no-holds-barred design for very high productivity. Available in 5ft x 8ft and 5ft x 10ft bed sizes. 10” under-gantry clearance is standard, giving you more capability and easier loading with no compromise on rigidity for heavy cutting, plus being fully 3D carving capable.

Daytona is our standard size chassis professional routing and carving table. Available in 4ft x 8ft and 4ft x 10ft bed sizes, it takes less floor space but is just as productive as its larger brother. Daytona uses much of the Daytona Pro design but in a smaller package. This makes the machine able to fit tight spaces with no sacrifice in performance or longevity. The 8" standard gantry height is perfect for relief carving and 3D work as well as standard sheet goods processing, as the Z still has the high-powered 3D-capable design that's built into all our machines.


Heavy-duty foam CNC routers

The INDY Pro is our professional large size chassis routing and carving table. With 5ft x 8ft or 5ft x 10ft beds, it takes a little more floor space and expands your work area an additional 25% in height, width, and rotation, while offering better rigidity than comparable tables. The 18” gantry clearance and 48" rotational are second to none.