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Sebring is our hybrid dual purpose machine. It is based on the Indy carving mill and we expanded its capabilities by adding a hot wire. Sebring can slab blocks up to 3ft high, 4ft wide and 8ft long. But what makes Sebring special is that the two sides of the machine are integrated on the same controller. They share the same origin so you can tool-path both wire and mill functions into a single tool path. Tool-pathing is easy and accurate between the two and you can switch back and forth from mill to wire and back as often as you like on a single job. For example, you can mill textured sheets and then part them off all the way though a 12” block. Sebring will also pre-shape blocks and 4th axis parts for carving. Sebring saves space and cost over two separate machines; moreover it is efficient and can do complex combination work. It has all the features of the Indy carver plus the Hotwire.

Sebring 1 .JPG


  • Our cross-bolted construction is unique; it is stronger and more rigid than other methods and allows perfect squaring during assembly.

  • Buttress beam construction on the base gives greater strength as well as easy access for cleaning.

  • 4th axis located in the machine's bed saves floor space; table top sections lift out for 4th axis work.

  • NEMA 34 Teknic servo motors: powerful, accurate, resistant to electrical noise, used on all axes including the hotwire. Simply one of the best motors available.

  • Highest quality SKF (Ewelix) linear bearings throughout for best accuracy, reliability and long life

  • Back-bolted rails give better sealing on the linear bearings, extending service life.

  • Standard 4.5 HP custom-built spindle gives better torque. Built with the TG-75 collet specially designed for supporting long cutting tools with unparalleled accuracy to reduce vibration and run-out.

  • 220 Volt single phase configuration allows installation in more locations – no need for 3 phase power

  • Helical 10:1 gearboxes, high quality and low backlash with high acceleration rates

  • Helical rack and pinion gear drive on all axes


Length: 144” (365.8 cm)

Width: 78” (198 cm)


Height: (Max) 76” (193cm)


Electrical requirements:
220-240 Volt 40 Amp single phase 50 or 60 Hz


Length: 97” (246.0cm)


Width: 52” (157.5 cm)


Height: Wire working thickness 36”,travel 37” (28 cm)


Height: Mill working thickness 12”, travel 12.5” (28 cm)



Tool sensor and automatic zeroing

Foam tools


Machine with spindle, wrenches & collets


PC with Windows 10, WinCNC installed and ready to run


Integrated machine controller


21” 1280p monitor and all cables

13-month warranty on all parts and workmanship.


Non-expiring technical support, you call - we help.

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