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Super GP

The Super GP now features hidden cable chains so platform access is completely clear, the wire towers park well clear for loading and a solid oversized table top allows you to walk on and position blocks anywhere safely on the platform.


The screen interface has the wire heat built in and is controlled both on screen and in the tool path. This is a real plus when doing repeat work. Getting rid of the old knob allows you to set the optimum wire temperature for that job then log it into the tool path so next time it automatically does it right, Less onus on the operator, no further experimenting or adjustment. 2 and 4 axis control is standard in our clean and easy to use screen interface.


  • Very rigid base construction, completely supported and levelable

  • Smooth operating belt drive

  • 2 towers can be run paired or independently to create angled cuts

  • Direct drive high torque motors negate backlash completely

  • Teknic Nema 34 servo motors: powerful, accurate, resistant to electrical noise, the highest quality in their class

  • Highest quality SKF linear bearings throughout for best accuracy, reliability and long life

  • Wire control includes control of corner and start pauses

  • 220 Volt single phase configuration allows installation in more locations – no need for 3 phase power


Length: 132” (335 cm)

Width:  80" (205 cm)  4 ft width

Width:  132” (335 cm) 8 ft width

Deck height 14" (35.5 cm)

Height: (Max) 71” (180.3 cm)


Electrical requirements: 220-240 Volt

30 Amp single phase 50 or 60 Hz


Length: 100” (254 cm)


Width:  50”   (127 cm) 4ft width

Width:  100” (254 cm) 8ft width


Height: 49”   (125 cm)

Protective barriers (as shown in photo)
Operators console now standard
Extra wire and parts all available


Your Super GP is delivered ready to run, this includes:

PC with Windows 10 or higher with VMS CNC wire controller installed and tuned


21” 1280p monitor (or upgrade)


All power supplies, cables, hot wire etc.

13-month warranty on all parts and workmanship.


Non-expiring technical support, you call - we help.


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